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About The Bar Association “Jurproject”

Law firm from Siberia, represented in Moscow and St. Petersburg. 
We specialize in business support and legal protection of individuals on property disputes

History “Jurproject”


The company “Jurproject” was founded in 2009 by a group of Kemerovo lawyers Dmitriy Malinin, Nikolay Antsiferov and Denis Smotrin.

Dmitriy Malinin on the idea of organizing the company: ‘Since 2005 we have been working together in the nonprofit partnership ‘Real projects’ (“Actualnye Proekty”), which gave us opportunities to practise law and work as hired lawyers to implement social initiatives. This activity served as the basis for establishing the law company ‘Jurproject’. Initially, we planned to do research and make expert examinations in the sphere of economics and law, but it was not destined to turn a legal research institute as dived into the practical work to protect the prosperity of our citizens.

In 2011, the company got its new status as The Bar Association “Jurproject” and Daria Tretyakova became a partner of the company.

At first, she worked as a hired lawyer but since 2013 she has become a constant partner of the company.

In 2016, the company moved to its own office.

Now Jurproject has a strong team of lawyers and lawyers, including Denis Smotrin and Dmitry Malinin, and administrative and technical staff in Kemerovo and lawyers in Moscow, including Nikolay Antsiferov and Darya Tretyakova

The territorial scope of our work

The territorial scope of our work

The college conducts its activities in the Kemerovo region and neighboring regions - Novosibirsk, Tomsk regions, Altai Krai and the Altai Republic. Also Our lawyers and attorneys provide permanent protection of the interests of principals in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Awards and cases

Regional law firm operating mainly in the Kemerovo region and neighboring regions

The bar association is included in the top 10 leaders of the regional legal market serving the business.

according to the regional weekly "Avant-Partner"

Video analysis of the working case - "How the city authorities decided to withdraw land from the gas station"
Challenging the cadastral value in Moscow: are there any prospects?

For what customers are appreciate us

Regional law firm operating mainly in the Kemerovo region and neighboring regions
Thoroughly deep analysis of the situation and strategic thinking
We are underwriting the possible risks and legal opportunities not only within the task, but also to understand the customer’s business and his position in general
Disposition to go to the end
We use all opportunities and fight to the last even in difficult and critical situations
Friendly attitude
First of all, relationships with people are very important to us for them to feel comfortable working with us
Reasonable prices
Providing legal services of excellent quality and making money using our knowledge and experience, we take into account the economic realities and offer a reasonable price for our work

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The Bar Association “Jurproject”
№ 42/345 Kemerovo Region

650066, 3, Pionersky Boulv., Kemerovo, office 307

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650025, Kemerovo PO box 159

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