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Team and partners


The Bar Association “Jurproject”

Law Company from Siberia.
We specialize in issues of real estate and business support
The Bar Association History

The company “Jurproject” was founded in 2009 by a group of Kemerovo lawyers Dmitriy Malinin, Nikolay Antsiferov and Denis Smotrin.

In 2011, the company got its new status as The Bar Association “Jurproject” and Daria Tretyakova became a partner of the company.
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The Bar Association Projects

Two main directions of our activity have become separate projects, within which we are working practically and conducting the training courses and meetings


  • Reducing land and real estate payments
  • Registration and defence of title in land and real estate in court
  • Legal support of construction in Kemerovo Region

Po’Dolgam (Debt Matters)

  • Recovering debts and the defence against debt exaction
  • Legal audit of the situation
  • Defense against the tax collection and recovery of penalties by the government authorities


The Bar Association “Jurproject”
№ 42/345 Kemerovo Region

650066, 3, Pionersky Boulv., Kemerovo, office 307

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650025, Kemerovo PO box 159

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